I am but a man and like many men,

I too want to be loved by a woman,

A woman, who knows me by intuition,

And becomes my best companion.

Daphne, my first love, was one of a kind,

She and I dreamt we would find,

The blissful spirituality of true love,

But then, cancer came, left me behind.

Now her memories keep me going,

When I am awake and even while sleeping,

I have searched the world many a time,

To see if another Daphne could be mine.

This world is filled with beautiful women,

Pretty and sexy, with innate wisdom,

But not one like Daphne could I find,

So, how can I leave my past behind?

Didn't Majnu* go mad pining for Laila*?

Didn't Shireen* long for Farhad's passion?

Didn't Heer* miss her beloved Ranjha*?

Then how can I forget my la belle?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

*MAJNU: An Arabian who fell in love with Laila and when he did not succeed in winning her, lost his mind and became a desert wanderer calling out Laila's name in the barrenness of sands. Laila too loved him as much as he loved her but her father got her betrothed to another man. Laila took poison and died.

*SHIREEN: A beautiful princess of Iran (Persia) who fell in love with a stone mason named Farhad. Their love also ended in tragedy.

*HEER: A Punjabi lass of exceptional beauty who fell in love with a flute player called Ranjha. They too fell victims to destiny and died, each of all these men and women, died longing for their beloved and suffering separation.

Composed on the 24th of October during a coffee break at the office.

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