Semi-cool nights have their own pianos,

Their own guitars and their own flutes,

Human ears cannot hear the sonatas,

But poets' hearts are not trucculent brutes.


I sing softly as the breeze creates music,

And the cloudy sky soothes my sad soul,

I love the symphony of the night's mystique,

And enjoy the moonlight's romantic role.

Then I am drawn to Him who made me,

The Lord of all worlds: The God Almighty,

My being then prays for His mercy,

And thanks Him for all His bounty.

God's Light shines everywhere,

But more where He is remembered,

The world-seekers -- they cannot see.

His resplendance in sky, land and sea. 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Composed on the night of October the 23rd while reflecting on the wonders of the universe and meditating on the God Almighty, the Creator, the Fashioner and the Artist of all creation. The result was this poem.

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