The routine humdrum of everyday living,

How it bores me to my soul's core

And gives me nothing but sleepless nights.

I did not even dream of such a life,

In my childhood or my youth,

That my future would be so lacklustre,

I work day in and day out,

Ferrying the boat of my existence,

Ending up tired and fed up,

Seeing no real meaning in what I do,

Except earning money to carry on,

More for my dependents than my own self.

Friends and friendship seem fictional,

Love and romance too mythical,

Only loneliness and emptiness,

Appear to be the facts of this world.

Not so long ago I was not like this,

Maybe because I had my parents,

And a brother and sisters as company.

Oh yes, I also remember,

Falling in love with a beautiful girl,

Finding joy in being with her,

Enjoying her presence to the full.

But she left me alone and forlorn,

By going away to the heavenly realm.

My heart's blood gushed out as tears,

As she left me for another world:
Somewhere in the expanse of skies,

And to this very day and night,

Her memory doesn't let go of me.

Of course I had some friends too,

Loyal and faithful, full of virtue.

Especially one who is still there,

For me and always there for me.

Yet a vast distance separates us,

And like the girl I love and always love,

I miss this very special  friend too.

So as the sun and moon rise and set,

As the stars continue to revolve,

My sadness increases tremendously,

For there is none I 'd love talking to.

Yes, there is nobody around for me,

Even though I have a family.

But my heart and mind desire a soul,

So that I too can find meaning in life,

So that I can enjoy the days and nights,

Just like so many humans do.

Am I seeking the impossible?

Am I just pipe-dreaming?

Are boredom and loneliness,

Are all that I should live up to?



Author's Notes/Comments: 

Composed and posted on Wednesday, September 28, 2016....feeling bored, fed up, lonely, lost and deprived of the happiness of life.

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