When depression cast its shadow on me,

I longed for my old friends' company,

Often the tavern and the bar cried out,

Offering their drinks to uplift me.

Whiskey, Gin, Vodka and wine,

All in their glass bottles shine,

The man serving the drinks sees me,

And lifts up a filled glass jovially.

No, I say to myself, not again,

Will I ever succumb to inner pain,

I turn away and walk back fast,

Till I reach Him, my task will last...

He is my God, The Almighty,

To Him I turn and seek mercy.

In prostration I seek forgiveness,

Thank Him for His love for me.

Slowly I feel relaxed, depressed no more,

I knew I had opened the correct door.

Drinks and drugs are an addiction,

They do more harm than good,

In my fight against my depression,

I sought God as THE SOLUTION. 


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written on the last night of April 2016.

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