These days when so much is said about love,
i am amazed at this lip service by folks,
Is love only a physical attraction when young,
Or is it a bond that makes two souls as one?
Youth is rebellious and young boys and girls,
Languish about love without feeling its depth,
Is love only meant to sleep in the bed,
Without vows of fidelity having been said?
Perhaps I am what they call "old fashioned",
But to meet love is higher than a carnal vow.
I too have loved and though I did not gain,
My beloved yet I fondly relive sweet pain.
Now my love is continually expanding,
Like the universe it has no ending.
For I have said farewell to all earthly loves,
And bask in the love of my Lord God above.
Love is not just fondling, cuddling, kissing,
Nor is it a must for a night of 'love-making'.
How can love be made, I do often wonder,
How can it fade and wither to disappear?
While In the love of my Creator, my Lord God,
I have understood the meaning of this sacred word.
I was unlucky in my attempts to love pretty girls,
But now I know now that why it was so absurd.
Now, in my pondering on the heavens and earth,
I have fallen more into the love of the Truth.
It is the God Almighty, whose love is eternal,
It is as Keats said "Beauty-truth" in his appraisal.
I am content with being the love of my God,
To which no other love can match or be swapped..
My Lord God never leaves me lonely,
In me He lives and His light is my glory.
I am no saint, or a prophet or a preacher,,
I am but God's lover, AND HE MY LOVER.

I think about His love almost all the time,

And He blesses me with more light...DIVINE.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Composed and posted here as well as Facebook on the noon of June the 18th, 2015.

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