A Twentieth Century Girl Almost Loses Faith

When it was announced today

that war had just begun

you told me that you would sign up

until this war was done

that you would serve your country

and I would stay at home

that you would protect me

on the fields where few return

I begged you not to leave me

not to face death alone

you told me to prey for you

with God to keep me warm

but how can I believe in God

who takes my love away

who kills innocent young men

for the sake of what I say?

but then you held me in your arms

and whispered like the wind

'God will bring me home to you

you must believe in him'


So I will, for you, for ever.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I feel like war was a prominent part of life for all people in the 20th century, this focuses on world war one where women still have little rights. Hopefully you enjoyed reading as much as I enjoyed writing. There's more to come I promise! 

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