What I know of Love

Just Me

People may ask what I know of love,

since I am but seventeen,

Yet I will tell them

I know of love 

for that is what i've seen.


I have seen love in the flowers

growing wild and free

supressed by no man nor weed

simply wanting to be. 


I have seen love in the birds

that sing in the morning 

to the rising sun

in hope that one day 

the sun will love them 

much like everyone 


I have seen love in the poems

written by many a person

much greater than I 

the ones who tell tales 

of madness

and fails 

and beauty

in all its forms.


And I have seen love in my own thoughts sometimes

for though I may be young

I do not see how love can be 

reserved only for those whose lives

have not just begun.


So do not tell me I do not know of love 

for though I am just turning eighteen

I know a lot about love

and the world itself

it would seem.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Firstly I would like to say I hope I dont sound too bold or overly confident in saying that I know about love. As people we know there are many forms of love and I do admit I do not know nor have experienced all forms but I feel I get told all too often that young people dont know what love is and I feel as a young person I must stand up and speak out for young people. Secondly, as always, Thank You for reading! I can't describe how amazing it is to recieve praise and nice comments and how inspiring it is to read of viewpoints challenging my own so feel free to comment if you like! 

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