Bestfriends Forever part 2

And I know i'm home

for you i swore

i write and i cry

and i enjoy you being a part of my life

being apart of my life

oh yeah being apart of my life


from the moment i saw you walking outside

from the moment you said hello

you changed my life


i know things are rough right now 

and i know things are tough

and i know that there is sometimes

when we can't get enough


and I may be going through my darkest times

but i thank you that i have you by myside

yes i have you by myside


and i don't feel lonely

time flies by like this because your so pretty

your sooo beatiful oh

and i don't want and i don';t want to be

lonely i can see it in your eyes

i can hear it just don';t ask me why

why i try and how much i care


and your always smell good

and you always dress so beautiful

and you smell good

like when i am on my way to work

and i can smell the essence when you leave your place


you are my bestfriend

and i thank you

i can make my way

and i can be like this

i can take one step 

and i can give it a rest

but no matter what happens

we will be bestfriends forever!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Love my bestfriend

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