Enough is Enough

Please tell me

why i'm so cold

why i feel this way

why am I stuck at home


Please tell me why the sun rises

Somebody help me

sit aside this

and i will never know

feelings that i hold

walk away with me

suffication greed


Someone fall before

step out of this door

one time i can save me


someone tell me

who is the scared one

when the sun doesn't shine

when the sun don't go down


someone tell me

whats this worlds coming too

when there is nothing

too hold on too


everytime i take a look outside

everytime i hear a lala bye

everytime i make myself at home

I just feel alone


Everytime i think outloud

everytime i'm in the crowd

Everytime i think i'm wrong


i'm just laying here

son of love


what i don't understand

is every lie i hold onto

someone give me a hand

someone too hold

someone to shine down


way down down down

way down down down



songs are free

help is here

cant feel this fear i'm so

in the summer day

i will never say

i been feeling scared

with loniness

and i wish i wasn't here


Someone help me

feeling melloncolly


Understand I dont' think

I don't see it i don't dream

I don't laugh at what i use to know


somebody tell me

live laugh like destiniy

what is my melloncolly

why do i feel free

and down


down and down and down

someone tell me 

who is in my mind

why am i so depressed

thinking suicide

someone help me

i'm giving up

when is enough enough

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Just writing

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