It's just a simple word

It's just another word

That i can't stand to say

i'll put it on the paper

and rip it all away


It's just another conscence

to release my innerself


It's just another story book

that  ripped off of the shelf

it's just another chance

to make things seem so wrong

it's just another lyric on the radio

playing the same damn song


I'm so sick and tired

it's all over the world

it's that fucking word

that makes you want to hurl


It's just another word

stuck in the dictionary
It's just another word

that word can sometime be so scary


it's justice in your hand

you'll never know the truth


But when you hear that word

you better run run for you

it's over coming now

i'm seeing it in my head


It's suddenly coming now

I hear it in my bed

she is screaming about it now

I can't stand to fall

She said I love you

And i just lost it all


It's just another story

A broken heart in time

were one divorced in sections

the other one just dies


It's all over the world

everyone just falls down

It's one day if a life time

where we just fuck around


It's not just a word

inside my fragile mind

It;s just another world

oh how it's just one of a kind


Every word that you say

It's just another word

so get the fuck away


Don't listen to the stories

don't listen to the games

It's just another word

because things won't be the same


It's just another word

that we are afraid to hear

It;s just another word

we wish it would just disapear


It's all over my friends

This is the last time

It's over and under

i'm stuck in a blender

and when you do hear it

you won't know what to say


It's that word that is written

on cards and with flowers

it's that word that they use 

when the met you for hours


It's just another word

so big and ordinary

It's just another word

this word is so damn scary

It's just that simple word

that no one needs to say


No one walks away

with out heart break

It's just another word

the word that you can't listen to 

the word that you don't want to hear

the things that you just have to fear

about the times


it's just another word

so simple and controlling

it's just another word

it leaves you laying when stolen


She said that I will always

but you just freak out

It's that simple word

I love you just close your mouth


It's just a simple word

forget all the signs

It's just another word

for relationships in time


It's that simple word

they fall and they don't know 

what to say


It's just another word

close your mouth

and don't say it


It's just a simple word

with one story told

It's just a simple word

that we can break the mold


It;s just a simple word 

forget all my trouble 

and forget stories

it's just a simple word

that seems so intimidating






Author's Notes/Comments: 

Love is a powerful word, it's a word we fear just a simple word can be so intimidating.

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