Prisoner in my own place

Here I sit trapped inside

no room to relax not even room to cry

Ever since he moved in I'm reminded of this pain

Oh How I wish he would just move away


I'm only allowed to leave with him

unless I go to work

I can't get away he is such a jerk


I can't even cry

I can't even talk to my best friend

He controls my every move

How long until this ends


He always argues with me and treats me like shit

Im sick of it I just want to quit

I'm stressed annoyed and tired

I just want to be alone

Don't show up at my house

Don't call me on the phone


But this curse I have may never go away

Please let me out before it's too late



Author's Notes/Comments: 

Somewhere this is really happening, domestic violence is never okay. Get help or just run away

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