His time will come

Every time I hear your voice

I want to rip your throat out

Every time I think about what you did

I want to make you suffer

Taking peices of this problem

And drowning them one by one

I want closure and to forget your name 

Your nothing were nothing and always will be nothing


Did you really think you could replace me

Did you really think she would choose you over me

You must be as stupid as you look


Sure you creeped your way into her life

But what made you think you had a chance

Coming home and seeing you and her in our bed 

Without pants!!


Then you have the nerve to offer me a beer that I bought,

I took the broken beer bottle smashed it on the counter

Jabbed it into your throat 


And now you don't matter



Author's Notes/Comments: 

Cheaters never win some die others fry

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