Drunk Driver

So you had a couple drinks and said you were fine to drive home,

So we get into the car and head home,

You started swerving and I asked if you wanted me to drive,

You said you where fine

Your started speeding really fast


I got scared and held onto the handle

My life flashed before my eyes

You continued to speed 

I asked you to stop 

But you where in your own world


You went to turn the corner 

And hit a telephone pole

At high speeds


The seat belt tightly locked up

You flew through the window and hit a tree

My head hit the dashboard and I had peices of glass in my head


The corner pernounced you dead at the scene

I saw your body covered with a white sheet

I say to myself to this day

Why did you have to have that drink


Now I'm older and your death still haunts me

I still have the scar from the seatbelt tearing into my skin

I made a promise

To never drink again

Author's Notes/Comments: 

True story

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