sitting on the porch

I sit on my porch watching cars pass by,

I can hear the sound of the birds singing near by,

The weather is beautiful.

l can see the sun peaking its head between the clouds,

It's 8:45pm and its getting dark.

I hear a lawn mower running the neighbors gutting the grass,

I can smell the essence in the air of something so sweet

Must be someone getting reading to eat.


I rest my foot on my leg,

I write on my nexus 7 tablet waiting,

Waiting to see the joggers wave high,

A women is walking her dog,

The dog is barking at a tree

He just marked his territory 

With his own pee.


I rub my eyes as bugs start to attack,

Its not a fly so I won't give it a smack.

Oh look a dove is sitting on the railing

Waiting for his love,

You can see the hooting and hollering 

Straight up above.


The sun has finally hid his face

But now I'm seeing stars

A whisper in the wind

A sound of a stroller being pushed,

A babies cry another car passes by.


My door is wide open this weather is just right

So I'll go inside right now

Because tomorrow is another night

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I just wrote this and i am experiencing and writing everything I see kinda cool don't you think?

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