Don't Cry

Don't Cry


Why Am I holding on to nothing at all



There are times in your life

 when those things don't go right

 but you feel alone in your bed


There are secretes you will change

 just so you can get away

 but it always ends up in the time same time 

don't cry


Just dream away telling now that you will be 

thinks like this won;t be the same

but you have me to hold on toooo


better alone think of her life

wait for me dont ask me twice

I'm holding on now

 Im trying to let go


and i'm feeling so free

these are the stories of you and me


on the summer day we came and the shade

just went away but you sat there laughing at me

I just opened up my eyes how could he just make you cry

and i am wondering if you can see

i'm right here waiting for you

all you need to do is cry



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