Fragile Life

There are sometimes i never understand a life of shame

like all the torment i dealt with in his game

I could think about it over and over again

and how i just wish all the bullshit will end

you pulled my hair and smacked me in the face

left me on the couch and you left my place

tears streaming down my eyes

crying for another release

i'm thinking about this moment and how i need to get peace

but i can't because your holding me down

your touching me to the grown

your putting my head down thats the sound

of the thud from the floor when you through me so hard

can't understand it when you broke my heart

now i am turning the pictures around

aiming for the firing blaze

but no matter how long it burns i can't forget your name


Just take some time

don't you cry and i'll be there in your fragile mind

just take your time  and don't you cry

i'll be there right there by your side


Like the day that you called me and said you wanted stuff

you kicked my door down and punched me right in the face

and said you had enough


i'm just a person understanding the truth

but why you have to hit me i will never ever know

the things that you said will never get out of my head

i'm feeling concious i think im uncouncious my stomach is twisting in knots and im naucious

I can't understand it yeah i probably never will

like when i tried to walk in the bathroom popped on the saftey top and drank all them pills

this bottle is my kyrptonite i can't stand this there's another fight

I can't hold on i'm standing high

think about this i don't want to die

but your making me put myself in this situation

making my world go down and it's my own anialation

I can't concentrate from the stories you say

making everything my fault just get the fuck away


I can't stand that there are tears in my eyes

theres blood shed mascara running down my face

it's what you said and it's what you did

there is never a challenge inside

there is always a place for me to hide

but i can't get away from it


there is so much more why do you have to spit in my face

why you have to shove me and push me down

you say that you love me then why am i the one holding these scars in my heart

why am I always the one that has to hide


when you come around I don't want you around

I locked the doors but you knock them down

I don't understand it i have to patch the walls in my apartment

you don't understand how your ripping my heart out of my chest

I can't think about it i need to get this rest


I need to make it better

I need to set the time

I need to tell you that i had enough

so I can be fine

but I can't because your stalking me

turning everyone against me

I don't understand it it's putting me to shame


these words that i ever had were words that made me mad

never wanted to share the bad

or the days when i am real sad


I don't eat and i don't sleep

i drink too much and smoke too much

i just can;t get enough

I never eat lunch

it's all the same over with this pain

my heart breaks constantly every every day


the hardest part is putting this pain in my heart

i never get any rest i'm afraid your looking through my window

afraid your making me scared

just get the fuck away because i don't even care


All the way up there

all the times i say

all the things you do

won't ever go away

everything i try


when i run away you still catch me

why do you turn me around and then slap me

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This was a rap I made up when my friend told me about her abusive relationship. When I shared it with her she was amazed...Everything is good know

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