You Can Laugh & You Can Cry

Wake up now turn the clock up straight

mommy its too late and and daddy is just late

and mother doesn't seem to give a shit about me

but im living in a corner of another city


Awake and I don't know why

I take a look and justify

my friends all think on im sucide watch and I don't care


You can laugh you can cry

you can jump and you can ask why

we will never know and we will never tell

but just this time we will burn in hell


She was broken up today

didn't break me up this way


Wrote me a letter saying things weren't going right

but I was standing there infront of your house that night

you told me that you loved me said you really cared

then you left me standing in my shame


I didn't know why 

I didn't need to know the truth

but now I know it's all on you

and you blamed that shit on me

you blamed your misery one me


You told me that it's all my fault

even though you lost your phone

and you lied again

because I know your not alone


came to break you down

i'm listening

your futures burned

I'm glistening


I tried to turn up the radio

tried to tell you it's time to go

I called you on the phone

but you are never there

so you don't got a job

and you don't got no friends

so when will the lies end


I fell down right

you left me high

I fell onto a broke bottle


your futures gone

I wrote this song

you called me names

I don't complain


but when your wake up on the floor 

and your drunk inside my car

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I actually freestyled this song with just music and wrote this peice. As I listened to the song recorded and typed up the lyrics I didn't know exactly what the story was about until i finished. The story is about relationship breaking up and playing the blame game..Enjoy

A Few Gone Bad is the name of my band. If you want to hear this song with music hit me up i'll send it to you 

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