*True Life of me

They say to stay positive but how can you

Your dealing with so much at a time 

Unemployment runs out your part time job cuts hours

Bills start piling up and you feel lost

You apply for jobs and send resumes 

You have interviews but they don't give you a start date

Its painful hurtful to feel like this

Rent is almost due and you have no money

You borrow to get by but now its making the debt too high

I feel helpless they say to apply at McDonalds or Burger king

I always here the same thing you over qualified

So you sit in your small apartment and cry

What am I going to do how am I going to get bye


I'm sitting here being depressed alone and upset

the rain is pouring down hard

my life wasn't like this

I use to be happy 

I use to have a good job


instead now i'm just a slob

trying struggling to get by

i asked my myself what did i do

to deserve this 


I try to be nice

I try to help others

I try to stay positive

but it's my own fault that defeats me


Hurts me mentally

physically and emotionally


I can't afford my rent

I have to sell my stuff

just to get by


so i sit in my apartment crying in tears

why me why did this have to happen to me


I can't sleep and I can't dream

I don't know what else to do

I feel so lost and confused


maybe the world would be better off

if i didn't exsist 

no more being a burden

no more me...


goodbye cries




Author's Notes/Comments: 

True life

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