***It's Now Or Never***

I need to tell you how I feel

The rain pours down on my head

I need to stay dry

But I keep on looking at what is real


No chances of sunny days

without seeing your smiling face


I need to tell you its now or never

the days just keep passing by

I need to smile

But i rather just die


Empty and broken lost in depression

My loniness makes me heart fade

I need to live

But I keep on thinking about you


Hold me kiss me hug me miss me

save me, revive me

show me what I have been missing


It's now or never

so what am I afraid to lose

my life, my time, 

when will it become all unglued


It's now or never.




Author's Notes/Comments: 

an image of someone you want to talk to and tell them how u feel. its now or never because is it real?

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