Karma's A Bitch

Fuck the haters karmas a bitch

Your gonna get yours 

With the flip of switch

Too many people hating on the world today

Social media bullying it will never change

So what do we do and what do we say

We have to take action  before someone else pays

School shootings competing against eachother

What ever happens to obey the rules and love your mother

There's no room for shelter kids undercover

We have to protect one another

Little johnny went to school thinking everything was cool

Until this bully treated him like fool, he told the teacher 

About the attack fucking teacher just stood there and laughed

Matter of fact no one cared so johnny went home and looked in mirror  blood from his nose and tears in his eyes

Johnny didn't know what he was creating in his mind

So he researched took notes

ordered weapons  called hope

Went to school and made everyone slope

Didn't give anyone fucking chances no notes

Held his hands up as the police said freeze

Johnny pulled the trigger and dropped right to his knees

One bullet to the head set johnny aside 

Laying on the floor EMTs weren't by 

The cops just stood there shocked and surprised

No johnny didn't commit suicide

He made a tragedy go down in history 

Put himself and all bullies out of misery

Fuck haters karmas a bitch 

Your gonna get yours

 with the flip of a switch

Repeat 3x

Now that's its over police knew johnny's criteria

To put fear in everyone's mind

Using his number one source The Media!!

So its over  yes its over

Not lucky enough with a four leaf clover

So its over yes it over

Not lucky enough with a four leaf clover

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Just think does the media encourage those to commit violent acts, kids copy what they see on TV Right?

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