Won't let you go away

So here i am just trying to get bye

this world is one more time

and here i am just trying to fly away

but there are things like this that won't ever change


And i am holding on

and i am not letting go

cuz everything in this world happens for a reason

yeah everything in this world happens for a reason


And i'm not sure but i am not scared

i just don't understand why your not here in my arms

and every time i turn the clock the clock strikes one

i think about it one more time and every time i try

i am always up inside and alive like this won't ever change

im standing up without being afriad


and I know why I 

and I know why I


and if i look up into the sky

i see this world it's passing me bye

im standing up and i won't let go oh oh


i won't let go oh oh

any day now

any day now uh huh oh


I won;t let you go away

i won't let you fade today


I know it is hard to find yourself

but your not alone

no no your not alone

yeah baby

your not alone 

any more  more


I am standing right by yourside

take a look don;t ask me why

I try so hard to get away

but you won't fade today

you won't fade away


and every day it's like another sun died down

think about this in a nile

im holding on now i can't let go


i can't let go

i got hold on and be stronger then i did before

baby what can i do when i look in your eyes

and i see your smiling face

yeah i know it hard to look back

but i won't ever let you fade away hey hey hey







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