A Lost Toy

A small child walks to the park to play,while he is skipping down the street he finds a lost toy doll. So the little boy picks it up and puts it in his backpack  and continues to skip away.Once he gets to the park he see's a little girl crying. "Why are you crying asked the little boy. The little girl said "I'm crying because I lost my doll she means everything to me and now she is gone. The little boy reaching into his backpack and pulls out the doll. Suddenly the little girl starts crying in excited tears. "Yes oh yes thank you thank you so much says the little girl. "I thought I lost her. "well said the little boy I found it laying next to a tree while i was skipping down the street. Thank you Thank you and the little girl gave the boy a hug. The little boy smiled "I'm so glad i could make you happy. 18 years passed by and the little boy and the little girl grew up. They got married and had 2 children. You can guess they still have that old toy doll sitting in there living room with a big heart. He says to his wife "If you never lost this doll, I would of never found you..The End

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