POW "Prisoner Of War

So here we are locked in a cell my fellow Conrad’s are gone and my platoon got ambushed. We were assigned to do a mission which was to analate the enemy. After heavy gun fire our area was ambushed and we were taking prisoners. I was knocked out and beaten half
unconscious all I could see was blood pouring from my face into my eyes and my nose was bleeding. I was in so much pain I must have passed out, when I woke up my legs were tied and my hands were tied behind my back. I was placed on the floor and kicked and poked as the enemy screamed at us telling us want they wanted to know. As a soldier no one should reveal the truth, so to make it worse for us they beat us and then submerged our heads into water and pulled us back up and screamed asking what we were doing there.No one said a word so the pain continued and the blood remained in my face I could taste every drop pouring out of my nose and into my mouth. Markus was hanging from his feet screaming in pain and the enemy just laughed at us. Stupid Americans you know nothing and tell us nothing, your government is all about Lies, Lies, Lies nothing but lies. They fed us not much and let us drink little. We waited to be saved but no one came to help us..The sounds of torturing pain filled the room and all we wished was for silence and to be killed and not have to be put in this situation. I was next to be drowned. My arms tied behind my back and the blindfold over my eyes. They put my head in the water and I begin to swallow more and more water. They would pull me up and slammed me back down pulled me back up and slammed back down over and over. I held back my tears of pain and died an American hero, I was a prisoner of war fighting to keep you free.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

this is what happens when you watch black hawk down and play modern warfare  2 before going to bed..It was a dream i had

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