Calculation To The Final Battle

What if i couldn’t figure out what life is like

If I’m the one walking the road

What if all those times i felt lost

I was actually standing on my toes

Who always used the phrase "get up and be a man"

Seems to me we are all lost an have no where to stand

Oh tell me now is it just a mystery

Just tell me what i cannot see

The stories of forbidden passages written in books

The words abandoned by our normal culture

The execution of our literacy

And yet we still wonder why

This is the time for us to rise to our feet

Battle the demons and not retreat

Explosions and callings of sirens that waiL

Confrontation we shall not die but prevail

Calculations of time that descent into the ground

Lost falling objects buried and not heard from again

Preservation land that outtakes the whole complex

And yet we wonder why so much pain is pushed

Why so much tension is thrown before us

Why the ending is just the beginning

And why the books we read are so out of date

What is their truth to life and faith?

Plagues circulating around our world

Viruses that harm and invest into our genes

Transforming diseases sickness to the eye

suddenly it becomes the unseen.

So what are we to believe

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Calculation to our misfortune is our own worst enemy of destruction.

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