ForMy Love

So I was trying to think of the perfect song to write for you and i have come to the conclusion that damn it's hard to do, the amazing things you say and the way you make me feel i wanted this song to be special a song only you can hear. baby can you look at my face and see how happy you make me.  you can touch my chest and feel my heart beating you can hold me tight another night repeating. I love you I love you. I can't express how much I love you, the words i want to say just aren't good enough to say to you, i know there are better words out there to tell you how much i care, when i soon find those words to say you will know but for now all i can give you is my love my heart and stay strong and grow with you, I love you  and i hope you feel the same way I do,  Open your eyes and look into the sky look beyond the fantasy and see that right now it's you and I and as long as we have eachother nothing can bring us down, lets hold hands together and fight the dark

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Poetry for the Lovers Soul

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