Good Luck Tammy

today is a sad day, to see that your leaving  you have been a big insperation to us and have helped be the best that we could be,

Your hard work and dedication has been amazing, you really know the true meaning of team work. Together we are all a family and it's sad to see you go, Tammy what more can we say you are the best supervisor your always willing to help anyone in need, your strong dedicated heart has shown us all that we can suceed even when the odds are against us. You diffentley will be missed by all of us, and on behalf of the whole team we thank you for being you, we thank you for sticking by our sides when things got rough and most of all We thank you for being the greatest Team leader Supervior and most important a friend, Good Luck On Your New Journey. Even though you are leaving  your always going to be a part of the team. Again we all wish you the best of luck and hope you continue to make a difference and be the best that you are...Thank You Tammy...We will  Miss you...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

My supervisor for 4 years has finally left to a new job i was asked to write..eb

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