Farther Away From You

now i am feeling so far away from you

i'm holding back these tears from the pain i caused you

if i could only change the hour and correct what i said

would you be here  would you be here

just tell me,  these days are the changed we all need

  the feeling of being so far yes so far away

and the hour glass is half empty

and the guilt strickens me straight down my spine

, lost in the confrentation of being in guilt

  and yet i feel so far away

so far away from the girl i love

the one who makes me feel so amazing

  366 days and i still love you, yet i still feel so far away

yes so far away from this pain a caused you

and the hour glass is half empty

  and i'm begging and screaming

i am sorry so sorry  

i don't want to feel so far away

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I just wrote it like this any errors oh well

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