Are You Leaving

I know that your leaving me

wish things could be the way they use to be

when we would cuddle so close to the stars in the sky

seems like it was yesterday

when all our times went bye

and I wonder yes I wonder what went wrong

what drove me to write this really sad song

the tears in my eyes drip on the paper

and I know the words I write to you won't smudge away

something is happening this is not quite right

I can't remember what started that fight

my pen is starting to swell up in my hand

I want you to know break up wasn't my plan

And it's really good to see you

and I always want to hold you so tight

why did we let everything go

it was just a little childish fight

these are things I may never understand

weather or not I am still a man

and I never want to let you go

because the stars still shine in the sky

as long as we have eachother

you will be

yes you will be

mine yes you will be mine

say that you'll be mine

as we continue to kiss in the midnight sky

like we never really said our goodbyes

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