I use to know love---

Can remember that time

and it keeps me awake

I try to give it away

and i tried so hard

and i got knocked down so hard

if i laughed right now and if i kissed the sky

you would turn and walk away

it's all i needed

i;m still in the middle

someone told no one

cuz i'm not here with you

and i don't know why i cry

Simple words i said when i feel down

i always looked for you

yeah simple words i said

everyone has something they just couldn't esacpe

and when i sing this  will you look at me

I wanna be your No one

just the simple time

In the simple heart--

I tried to explain  my time

tried to explian i don't wanna i don;t wanna die

(james vocals)

I don't want to die

I pick up the bottle and i put it down

I don't know  who i am but i hate this

I hate what i destroyed if only the bottle was me

Smashing against the wall 3000 jagged pieces of glass

attacking my heart

As i hold on As i hold on hold on

(James Vocals

Someone just tell me

someone just tell me

what's on my mind

I don't want to I don't want to die

so someone tell me

Am i allready here or am i lost in fear

i wanna hold you again someday

I wanna watch you smile

But not with me

Because your forever gone

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