Imperial Reflections

I wake up and my mind is blank,

just another day for me to make the same mistake.

My eyes are glued shut I can't see,

this lack of oxygen is killing me.

So I open the windows and see flashes of light,

I lay my head on my pillow and close my eyes.

dreaming of happy things what a surprise.

This dream feels so real my mind is still weak,

I can't be the joke or be a classified freak.

Friends all despise me animals don't even like me;

I’m an outcast when I open the shades.

Look out your window and what do you see,

The reflection of me in the sunlight with no breeze.

So cold and so humble so quick and so pure this opens my mind to creating much care.

I am myself and that will never change,

You can't control me or tell me what to do,

I am my own person my own power my own life form

So who are you?

Answer me I asked you a question,

I expect you to answer,

If it's so tough for you then are you really alive.

Do you have a heart do you think you can survive,

Do these images and reflections get in your head,

don't turn away unless you want to be a book left unread,

I hear you screaming at me face to face what makes you think you have what it takes.

Prove me wrong and fight each day.

You’ll never know who I am,

I have the same face that you see.

Now tell me who you are and what you see.

Do you even have a clue the person in front of you is

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Who is standing infront of this person,  if you figure it out you are right!

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