The Habitat-Rap

hey yo

i am delerious

an ferious

are your courious

i'm serious

my rhymes are mysterious

you can't step up to me i'm lyrical freestyling rapping machine the master of ceromonies coming clean

battling me is like shooting at a tank of propane once i ignite i put up on hell of a fight that will leave you blown up laying armless if your own grave, don't come after me and say my rhymes are sloppy you can't take me out i'm a duplicate copy

i never die live to fight motives to hip hop you are nothing but a blood spot once you sign it's your death wish

so why your trying to get rich using phrases like ass ho and bitch, i'm syko when you spot me on the street you just don't know. i'm secretive like who's the father of anna nichole smith child, and what happen to brintany the bald heading oops i did it again style, it's gone her fame ran out to fast. now who's this mc on stage who never runs out of gas (SHELSHOCKA) yeah and don't your forget it (Shelshocka) yeah i'll make you amazed when i get up on stage a you can feel the heat from my blaze,(firestarter) nah thats not me i am not going to steel a lyrics from prodigy, this is my style no need to to copy to become famouse, so step up and see if you can pass the test

Author's Notes/Comments: 

my new rap song on my album str8t 8.3

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