The Prison Of Fame

The Habitat-Rap

this prison is nothing but a game

a game a game a game

if you try to battle me i'll rip you apart with my chains

watch this stage blaze when i throw up the shelshockahhh

you got no skills when i pop ya when you drive like the fast& the ferious with speed van desil

i'll be the one to end your life so your replaced with some other bald dude in the sequal.

this an't no triple x but i'm really insane

i'll take on any challenge to put respect to my name


my name my name my name

come play my game

and see if you can keep up in the fame

i'm back yeah that is the best thing i created

mindless drones and trapped inside homes isolated

,this is the switch back

to take that

and give that back

to the fact

of understanding the mac of anyalation

shut your mouth and pay attention

this is no control it's my interfection

infected in jected set to deploy

a lyricist witht he shelshocka joty

Author's Notes/Comments: 

written today as i was working enjoy

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