Rose Colored Sunglasses


Written By Elliot Bush

A whisper in your eyes today

the self councious telling me

you will never change

my friends are telling me your not right

but i just put on my rose colored sunglasses

that prevent me from seeing your true side

i know that your good when your with me

i can't really understand why

i can't see your otherside

i have to shade myself

and keep telling myself you will change

because after al the fights

i still see that same face

i'm sorry that things may not be what you see

so i take off my rose colored sunglasses

and i head down the lonely road

i should of listen to the voice inside me

i must be crazy stupid must be out of my mind

by telling myself you have a good side

all i kept doing was saying your good

when i was living a lie through my rose colored sunglasses

i'm sick of pretending that you've done nothing wrong

i'm sick of us choosing these same damn songs

i'm sick of losing my friends because your not the guy they see

why does this always confuse me

why am i stcuk walking down this lonely road

i have had enough

i'm tossing these rosed colored sunglasses away

i am going to listen to the voice in my head

you will never change

you will never be what i really see

so i'll burn your pictures and throw away that ring

taken my last step to freedom

taken my last breath to fall

you were nothing by lies

i'll always choose my friends

and never put on these rose colored sunglasses again


Author's Notes/Comments: 

This was written for Rhonda Smith describing her life her heart break..She finally broke those shades..

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