Why Daddy ?

Daddy why do you come home the way you do

Daddy answer me who is in charge of you

I can't sleep at night

I always hear you and mommy fighting

Then why am I always the one running to the phone

Dailing 911 Dailing 911 Dailing 911 !!

mommy put down that gun he won't hurt you

Mommy you better start to run

because I think daddy is coming after you

I am so sick of daddy's behavior mommy

why can't he just stay sober

how long until I finally end it

I wish I could but then i would get hit

Daddy's not all right

Daddy's feeling aggresive

All this Torment and his abusive preasure

Let me teach you a lesson

Don't touch me the way you do

Don't touch me!!

this will be the last

Time your next to me !!

Daddy your going to jail

I am sick of you touching me the way you do

you hurt me daddy you scarred me for life

What makes you think you won't to do it again

You say if I tell someone they won't belive me

then I guess thats why your trying to rape and kill me

Let me teach you a lesson

Don't touch me the way you do

Don't touch me this will be the last

You ever see me!!!

Gun Clicks   Bang!! Bang!! Bang!!

Why Daddy!!!!!!!!!

Why  Did you have to make me kill you?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Based off of my imagination. Her father abused and raped her, She got sick of it and pulled the trigger..

�� Elliot 5/29/2002

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