Come Take Me Away

The only things I to try re enforce

you need to run away before

you see the ghost

come take me away

distance is the only place i need


You won't run when situations bring you down

your not the failure in your own eyes

stop drop and take the impact

your the next mother fucker to get jacked up

The only thing i need

The only thing i can give you

is the selfish stage of failure

Come take me away

from this awful stage of pain

let it rip inside your brain

rushing screaming

blood from my fists are pealing

The only things i try to re enforce

are the only thoughts that you hate the most

my life is not for your pleasure

shut up and take a picture

shut up and take a picture

shut up and a picture

Come take me away

Come take me away

Just come take me away

For I am Safe!!



I am Safe!!!!

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