The Devils Playground

Do you want to take it like a man

will this firery pit make you understand

I'll ask you this 1 more time

Are you ready!!!

Are you ready to die!!!!

So lay me down inside my shell

don't laugh to hard

at the smell of my victums

crying from pain

You are in hell

Now Guess My Name!!!!!

I am the Devil the Devil

The creature you fear

i'm going to torture you

with pain you cannot bare

do you think it's all a dream

do you think it;s make believe

This is reality

Look into my eyes

When your dead your dead!!

this is the end

your life unfolds

your burried!

your dead!!

So i'm burning inside

fragile tears that I cry

will I ever escape

The horriable place

Should I just accept it

The fact that i'm dead!!

or be like the bible

A fiction with no sense

full of lies, religious blashemy

just get it away from me

The devils playground is inside my head

Like the bible a book unread!!!!

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