The Choices That We Make

Everybody come along

I’m going tell you, the choice you make is not enough,

I’m breaking down the walls

caughing from the toxic gas that stains my lungs,

pull my teeth and let me scream, it’s pain i cannot bare,

it’s life you have to face,

it’s the smell you cannot see,

it’s the choices that you make,

pulled under drowning in my own shame,

burry me under the ground and please don't misspell my name,

lay me down inside my life was not a lie,

I can't see what the choices that I make,

and the rulers that are fake

all the children that are just about to surface to the earth

waiting silently till birth,

just scream the attention is confusing me,

these pictures that they take the rumors that they make

the shaodws that follow me,just let me breath

all the chemicals in the air

they tell the people who don't care,

spilling acid on the street killing children as were we

what is dangerous can't be seen,

only by the naked eye,

only until someone dies,

these are choices that they make

from the users that are to blame

and the power that they hold,

let me see the bright night sky,let me breath the air

I desperately need to survive

watch me,call me,fall into the stories that are wrong,

hear something about your life through every song,

let the records call your name.

don't live your life in shame

in shame,don't live your life in shame,

hiding the truth it's swept under the rug,

can't have those conversation this room that i am in

is being bugged,

the voices inside my head say i need to break free,

will someone please tell me what does it all mean

These lies i hold into my own are only bringing me down,

these voices who tell me the things i shouldn't do

act like everything is fake,

after all these are the choices we face day by day,

it’s your way or my way his way or no way.

When you live the life you learned to hate

from toxic fumes drunks that booze

and students who bitch all the time,

from highschool the hypocrites only except there own,

these children don't know these kids don't grow.

it's all so fake, by the choice we make,

yes the choices we make,

are affecting the human race.

We need to change before it's to late

save the children

and save the fate of us.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Don't push things away it's ok to show that you care.Take care of the world.

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