The Hood

The Habitat-Rap

The Hood

Created By Elliot Bush

yo you better watch the tables

cause the tables are spinning

you better throw your hands up cause

this beat is  kicking

I'm going to give to you

a finger flipping

a hard licking

a time bomb ticking

monster killing beat



it's set on gravity

a visual modality

  make this a formality

no lack of irrationality

is this what we call brutality

do we have to 500 fatalities

why don't we just stay in neutrality

let me get right back to

the true relaity

Quick i need some assistance

is this rhyme persistence

it's all about subsistence


I grew up in the hood

with a low fuse and a very bad attitude

people don;t know me

i got a good job

i call it gratitude

they said i was going to be loser

and end up on the news

now who just graduated

from Liberty Highschool

the parents trying to make a living

the teenagers are misgiving

a furture side that burns

it won't make a teen return

to his home cause he is all alone

his only way of forgetting

is getting stoned

So you say your life is rough

is that why you act so tough

when will you have  enough

Is it the day you get cuffed

Walking down the streets trying not to be afraid

i turn into an ally another girls getting raped

who the fuck is this guy

should i punch him in his eye

this is a big mistake

she needs  a fast escape

look someone has a video tape

and there going to call it date rape

what the hell is wrong with this picture

why is  there so much stricture

what's up with the dude

why is there so much accrued

i know i should of stepped in

why did they have to hit her

what did she do wrong

it's doesn't make a difer

should i move along

you thought i couldn't win

you think your so tough with your guns

well what are you going to do

when i throw up my fist up to the sun

fight me man to man blood to blood

sweat to sweat tears to tears

why you gotta be a pussy

using a gun

to fight your fears

so you wanna be a ganster and get the job done

all you did was hit me in the face and then i watched you run

you told all your friends that you beat me to the grown

so I hit the floor laughing

as your pussy ass fled in a van

I could of chased after you

instead  i just went home really late

nah I'm not a fool i got the lisence plate

So i sit here

hoping i would see you soon

maybe on the streets

you'll probally be on the news

I'll just wait for you to be alone

cause i'm waiting to smash ya head in the concrete

so why don't you come walk down my street

I dare you to unless your scared

Shit Next time you won't be so lucky

I'll fucking jump on you and steal all your money

smack ya a couple times

till you have a flash back about a couple past crimes

just consider this beaten as serving time

I'll take your girl and dress her so sexy

cause you say your the the pimp

when i drive the bently

now you got no money no hunnies

not even a porno to look at the hot playboy bunnies

I'll stript you from the platnum you wear

Look at me i'm white now who's dissing on hair

It doesn't matter what race

or who's better then who

Look at your self pussy

you still don't have a clue

Northside Bitches Word

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Off my Album Bring"n it down

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