Waste Away Not For Me

I waste away but it's not for me

I try to end my life so i can be free

They set up inside a room

closed doors white walls nothing to do

Mommy can you help me i'm screaming at this pain

i never wanted to put the family name to shame

I'm just lost feeling i'm wasting away

the angels doesnt want me to die

so it takes the razor blade away

Tell me what i'm doing wrong

was it something i did

I'm sorry i couldn't be there for you always

I tried to run but they always catch me

leave me laying in solitude bc of my misery

Waste away not for me

i'll going to make it through

Last time i ever wrote that note

i told you I loved you

I'm dead it's to late i didn't waste away i was set to be free at faith

Author's Notes/Comments: 

amazing what a little imagination creates

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