A Winter Wonderland

She woke up early saturday morning in his arms. He was was still sleeping so she streched and walked over to the window and looked outside. everything was covered in glistening snow and it was still snowing. Everything was untouched and there was no fresh foot prints or tire marks in the street. She walked over to the bed saying baby baby wake up it's snowing. She tickled him until he finally moved and sat up in the bed. She dragged him over to the and he gazed outside. It's beautiful he said but not as beautiful as you and he held her close and kissed her. She begged him to go play in the snow with her right now. He hesitated at first but they got dressed and went outside. They made snow balls and put them on top of eachother and made a snowman together. Then she said aw we can't let hi m be lonley so they made big snowballs again and put them together and made  a snow lady. He picked her up and gave her a big kiss and said i'm glad you woke me up i would never want to miss something like this. She giggled and threw a snowball at him and ran away, he cought up to her and grabbed her amd playfully layed her in the snow and kissed her again, Then they were both laying in the snow staring up at the sky watching the snow flakes fall. she was starting to get cold so they both went inside changed into warm clothes and drank hot chocolate and then they both fell asleep in eachothers arms.....

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I couldn't Sleep one night so I wrote this story..

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