All For You

i tried to figure out

i tried to take her out

and even though the sun doesn't shine

i was all alone

and when the stars

do not shine

i will be there

and when i try

to make you mine

i will be there

so tommorow doesnt end

confused about all your friends

life doesnt seem what it use to be

when the sun comes out

do you think of me

when i scream and shout willl you only see

life is such a dream

you called me late lastnight

said that you couldnt sleep

just the one little word in my voice

it made you fall asleep

so i left my house and went to the park

sat there thinking and trying to release my heart

I am not scared to be with you

I am not afriad to lose you

I just want to be there for you

Yeah tomorrow seems so far away

sending messages on index cards

I miss you

you make me smile

you rock my socks

All for you

Everything i do

and everything I say

i do it all for you

I hope you feel the same

Author's Notes/Comments: 

a new punk song

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