Will I Do

I think about you baby

for the longest time

12 years of no speaking

and now your back into my life

remembering all the past and future

directions which to take

there will be one day

when I won't forget

how happy you made me

you are a good friend

and you were always there when I was sad

i'll never forget you

and all the good things we had

and now I want to say I am so glad I found you

and if I ever get the chance to to lay next to you

I will speak in soft words I feel this is true

ooooh ooooh

maybe this is a dream or maybe it's relality

maybe i'm  thinking a fantasy

am I dumb to think you were meant for me

ooooh  tell me  is it true yes baby tell me will I do

oh yeah yeah I wanna know are we meant to be

meant to be so cold meant to be grow old

just tell me are we meant to be...oooh ooooh

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem is for Kelsey Miles.. I met her back in elementary school in 4th grade we departed..Until 12 years later I found her..she was my first crush..

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