Feel The Need

Feel The Need  

I'm walking and there tourchering me

I'm walking and there tourcerhing me

God damn!!!

I'm walking and there tourchering me

feel the need to fight

all this crap is not all right

dog bites down on the devils tail

he's pissed off want his soul on a bail

ahh shit what the hell does it even matter if I die !!

one way or the other boy your going to hell

One way or nothing your going wind up in jail

one more time and i am screaming at this shit

your advice that you gave me makes me FUCKING sick!

I am the uncontrolable freak show

warped on the tendecies of pitty

I am the masterkiss of exploted crap we got society

get rid of this hate all around me

one last time for you to ground me

I'm walking out of my shoes

what the hell have I got loose

better stay away from me

I'm kicking your dog

better keep your distanced

it wasn't my fault

i'm walking and there tourchering me AHHHHHH tourchering me  


© Elliot, 2002-08-02  

Author's Notes/Comments: 

release or feel the need to secure and bring justice to the damned

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