For All That I Lived For

I cut out my eyes

so I can see myself

I can't bare to die

unless you hurt yourself

silent escapes my mind

and situation cared

devil in the night sky

wishing you here

for all that i lived for

I find it hard to believe

for all that i died for

I find hard to see

the moment I met you

my life was about to change

I was survived by the angels

and you helped

save my name from the grave

no polished rock with writing of my name

I survived a tough fight

i made it through the devils night

fought the fear and saved my life

what more can i do

what more can i say

what more can i show

why is everyone so far away

I cut out my toungue

so i can see myself taste

i can't stand to lie

unless you prove yourself

violents scares me

and aggravation feared

sunlight in the sky

wish you would dispear

for all that I lived for

I find it hard to believe

for all that I died for

I find it hard to see

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I am good!

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