Letter From Daddy

It's been a while

since her daddy walked away

a lonely child left behind with tears on her face

there is a situation that has been left untold

what caused this mans whole world to unfold

Tell me was it love

or maybe something else

this hard working man

wonders out in the rain

asking the same questions

how can I save myself

Why is my baby girl so left behind

why is it so hard to be by her side

And he hears a voice

saying daddy when are you coming home

he suddenly says to his little girl

I have to go

I can't see you right now

baby girl please understand

I do think about you

like the first time I held your hand

Baby girl I'm sorry I left you behind

If I could change one thing for you and mommy

It would have been

That I didn't die

I'm sorry please understand

baby girl I died for our land

give mommy sweet kisses and please don't forget

I love you so much my baby girl...

Love your Daddy

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A father who faught and died for his country sends his last letter to his baby girl.

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