Str8t 8.3

The Habitat-Rap

yo it's shelshocka coming to rip you straight from your seat

i'm about get crazy so quick set this track on repeat

here we go

straight from underground seen|

got alot of respect from not being mean

fuck that i shit on you

what the fuck you think

i'm some kind of newbe

i'll fucking roll you up

and smoke your ass like a doobie

when i hit the streets

i put fear in your eyes

never ever touched a drug

that is my demise

i'm straight tripping your ass i be kicking

if you try to battle me

it will be your crew that is flipping

i'm hyper active

black is the game

i'll shoot you like a sniper

aim right for your brain

i'm not going to ease up on you

this is like call of duty except part 2

your not going to survive

cuz your body is now turning blue

it's like half the time

maybe the half-life

i'll take you out blind folded

just holding a knife

i'm not going to get psychotic|

but if you fucking piss me off

i'll rip off your eye lids

gotta be the mc becuz

that how my rhymes fit

I said 123 you better get ready

i got all the weapons

including my machettie

an't no changing

this rhyme is not raranging

there is no goverment conspiracy

no lies about destroying buildings in NYC

this the straight street

i'm about to set up the blaze come up to pa

i'mma fuck you up harder then a terrorist you can say

this where i get fucking violent

911 they keep my lips silent

i'm not changing the puchline because it offensive

i'll fucking rip on your head cuz your dumb as fuck

and don't get thr rhythem

now you know i just don't give shit i create it too

you battle shelshocka is like being a joke x 2

your going down when you step in my town

if i have to tell you again

i'll spit more out my friend

this is the Str8t 8.3 shelshocka

what the fuck you mean

it's living life to the extreme

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