Poem For My Gf

It's All Love

I waited for you

For all those dreams to come true

you made me

so happy

I climbed a tree

I climbed as far as i could go

Just to hold your hand so you know we are not alone

you came into my life so I wouldn't be alone

and you know I will never leave you

So my heart is filled with love and the night we spend each day

I never want to let you go  it's not the way it's supose to be

my love grows stronger

I will be with you all night long

through the ruff times and tough times

I will never leave your side

along with me you go by myside

through all the days of our lives

These are the moments to cherish with love

From dinner to movies to night of a bliss

we have shared our all

while we have a ball

no reasons to let eachother fall

for this is the night of bliss

another night for that special romantic kiss

oh how I long for that kiss

how great I feel in your arms

lets put our heart in a circle

and keep eternity forever

Because I love you

and I know you love me too

Yes Together I wanna be with you

Author's Notes/Comments: 

written for the teenage soul

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