Yo Kid

yo so i sit here talking about some crazy twisted fear

another overbearing caring and these people just can't stop stearing

there asking questions like there questoniers

where is the place and what are we supose to do

while were sittting on the curb with nothing left to do

this kids up on stage he is trying to battle me

but he's so scared he can't think of the rhymes or what to pull out and spit at me

it's like a labotomy i'll fucking make you forget your name on stage  and forget your wordplay

your going insane kid you might as well not mess with me i'm out of your leaugue born in 1983

i found my place in hip hop ready to pop the spot as ur trying to drop the knot

you might as well sit back and take back everything you stole i'll get my shit back

every fan thinks it's fantasic put you home you mess with me i'll put a gun in my hand

and force you into a casket

close the lid your burried now so you know ur never lasting

i'll keep going i'm spiitting so fast u can't even tell i'mn grabbing your girlfriends ass behind your back

your romance is in the past

we over caring but i just can't stop staring

at this little kid on the stage crying like some kind of idiot

a fool someone to grow up in school

and walk around saying he'll never be cool

i garbage can he sitting in the gutter

people are running there mouths and he can't stand it

so go fuck her mother or let me handle this flipping uplifting shit

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Another battle Recording down in Philly

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