Up On Stage

yo he is stepping on ground keeping his life uptown

he can't think of words and there all profound

another noun a pro noun it doesn't matter what's down

ur coming back to a society and explicit rapsody

u don't understand the shit that explicits spits

so when this kis gets up on stage i'm going to make feel useless

this is ur chance to grab the mic and make something of yourself

but u'll never make something of yourself

you suck so bad you can't even work for a kiebler elf

i want to keep flkowing and spit my rhymes

cuz there no mc like me i am one of a kind

all these people screaming the parental advisory

explicit content are against me

they scream

i'm a hard hitter a non spitter

better back the fuck off cuz i'm no quitter

so take your hand and drop your arms to your side

this battle is over done gone and I  said  goodbye

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This was Recording from a freestyle battle competition down in Philly, I came in second place.

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