Party Time

all right yo  back in the day we use to think the places we been were the stories we create,

while my mc and my dj's steal the stage,

we be putting up the beats for you to to start your rage,

get up get up  and  let the beat take you to the rhythm of fame,

open up your mind as the dj stands still  and the crowdd waves hi,

there is a place i like to see while i be hunting with the girlies who the drink the 40's and sleep,

this is the best time you ever have to find, cuz  i keep the soul going so you don't have to ride and throw a fit,

keep keep keep check it out yo. drink party give me a kick and a high hit tempo,

spin the beat loud and let me keep fronting, keep the beat going yo and we keep it going with the soul,

we gotta watch the light, let me tell ya  we gotta keep the beat and we gotta do it fast and if we can;t then we need to just pass,

pass it   pass it and let me see whats kicking cuz when i rhyme to a beat like this  i an't missing,

got 5 now give me 10 i need to find my way  party party  with me again,

cuz i am the dj when i turn up the beats and i'll watch you dance with your break dancing feet,

we are the funky  we are we are we are the monkey mc's    he will never know an mc like me,

can you battle against a high c we are the silence of many more wars pull out the battle and watch us score,

to the beat to the beat   beat beat beat  to to to to to knock you off yourt feet,

and i asked  IS IS IS it it it good enough for you,. uh uh answer ,me!  is it good enough for ya,

let me hear you people  here we go wit the beat with no soul we be keepin it rocking,

word out crew to the E-X-P-L-I-C-I-T turn it around to many more silence of ENVY    

scracthy scratch twik twik twik bring it back to the party were jumpoing bring it back to the beat thats pumping in the dj bently

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Hhaha Studio was fun

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